Starting on January 1st 2015 Steven Abraham commenced an attempt to beat Tommy Godwin's record set in 1939.
He has to cycle more than 75,065 miles in 365 days. The target to beat was 75,065 miles  (click here to see how far 75,065 miles is). That is an average of over 205 miles a day, every day, for a year.

Steve was firmly on track to achieve his goal when he was struck by a careless motorcycle rider on 29 March 2015, breaking his leg above the ankle. The accident meant that Steve had to completely stop riding for two weeks - and then resume cycling gradually, using just one leg to pedal. During this recovery period he was riding a modified ICE Vortex racing recumbent trike, which assisted in his rehabilitation to two legged-riding. But he lost thousands of miles against his world record schedule and although his recovery was still not complete he eventually reached a point where he felt he could give his all once more - and launched a second attempt at his Highest Annual Mileage record attempt on 8 August 2015. He abandoned this attempt when it became obvious his fitness had been compromised by the accident and lack of time to recover.   He made a third attempt in 2017 and currently holds the record for his age-group.

Steve was backed by a team of volunteers who organised everything from sponsorship and donations to providing food, accommodation and maintenance each night.


0 # StatsBarbara Ford 2016-01-06 10:06
Would it be possible to show Steve and Tommys mileage on a like for like basis as with his first attempt ? Showing Tommys miles from August 8th 1939 and Steve from August 8th 2015.
Keep going can do this !!
Barbara and Colin Godwin
+1 # TommyBarbara Ford 2015-12-24 08:23
Wishing you a Happy Christmas and all the very best for your concurrent attempt in 2016.
Just keep going you have another 8 months of your challenge to go be positive, we are all behind you.
Best wishes Tommys family.
+2 # RE: Steven's record attemptriyas 2015-12-10 14:46
hard work never done your of luck
-2 # not looking gooddavid stevenson 2015-11-17 09:07
if Steves original record attempt had not been disrupted I think he would have succeeded. Not sure now.
He needs K.S.,s advantages. Good weather,flat terrain and the ability to chase the wind and the climate. Kurt has one other big advantage. A fantastic girl friend, now wife who looks after his every need.
on another point, I would be interested to know how UMCAS verifies the mileages, other than by Garmin tracking. On one day Kurt used his wifes Garmin as his had water damage. just taking Garmins word for it doesn't seem enough to me.
+2 # Tommy Godwin's 365-day recordIan Dow 2015-11-04 00:17
What is really interesting is to look at Tommy Godwin's 365 days from 16th May 1939 to the end of his 100,000-mile record on 15th May 1940. Before that he had covered 'only' 23,400 miles (173 mpd), but as summer came his mileage went through the roof. In the first three months of that period starting 16th May he covered 23,221 miles (255 mpd), and by six months he had reached 43,015 miles (236 mpd). In the final six months, despite outbreak of war and a bad winter he still managed another 33,585 miles, to complete 76,600 in 365 days (210 mpd).

It's a sobering thought that in continuing for the 100,000 miles record Tommy effectively broke his own newly-established year record. Yet for some reason history seems to have overlooked this fact. Tommy was too modest!
0 # RE: Tommy Godwin's 365-day recordMike Stoaling 2016-01-04 15:23
I see there's a thread here that states that Tommy rode 77001 miles in the 365 consecutive days ending with his 100,000 mile record. Is that the highest known 365 consecutive day total mileage?
0 # RE: Tommy Godwin's 365-day recordIan Dow 2016-01-04 17:40
Looks like the poster on that thread took the wrong start day; I think you will find that Tommy's total for his final 365 days was 76,600. But I have also read that Tommy's 100,000 was actually completed in 499 days, in which case it would be 76,804. We really need to see Tommy's 1940 daily figures to find the answer.

Some commenters have dismissed these figures, on the grounds that no start was announced, but as far as I am concerned that's immaterial: if it can be verified he did it, that's all that matters. Anyway, we're not talking about ratification, just recognition of Tommy's achievement and the answer to the question of most miles ridden in a 365-day period..
+1 # TommyBarbara Ford 2015-11-04 09:08
In reply to Ian Dows posts. Yes Tommy Godwin was "Mr Modesty" I have just finished reading Dave Barters book "The Year Reawakening The Legend Of Cyclings Hardest Endurance Record" Dad was unassuming, mild mannered and of course modest but he was as hard as nails where cycling was concerned, some say he want "wired" like most sportsmen. In his book Dave Barter has uncovered details of all the the "Year Men" that have lain in the archives for over 100 years information about my amazing dad that his family never knew. about.
How did this incredible man achieve all this 76 years ago ? Dave Barter after 10 years of research knows how he did it. This book is a "must" read for anyone interested in "The Year Record"
+5 # Steve's concurrent attemptIan Dow 2015-11-03 14:59
Congratulations to Steve on the first 87 days of his concurrent attempt: 17,901 miles (205.8 mpd) , compared with 16,834 (193.5 mpd) in the first 87 days of his original attempt (up to his crash), and 17,670 (203.1) for Kurt Searvogel.

Very best of luck for the rest of the attempt - and take extra care today!
+1 # Steve's latest attemptMike Stoaling 2015-11-03 20:17
That's interesting. It'd also interesting to note that it seems Tommy did about 19,100 miles in the corresponding Augsut to November days of his ride.

I'd still be interested to understand the latest schedule for Steve, so we can see whether he's up or down against the new target. I always thought the real challenge would be to keep up with Tommy's huge summer and autumn mileages, after surviving the cold winter months. The alternative of 200+ miles a day through January and February must be very unappealing.
+3 # TommyBarbara Ford 2015-10-26 07:35
76 years ago today Tommy rode triumphant into Trafalgar Square having bought The Year Record back home.
An incredible achievement by an incredible man.
So proudly remembered by his loving family.
0 # The recordDavid stevenson 2015-10-31 07:57
Hang the rules. For me if Tommy did 76,600 miles on 365 consecutive days that's the one year record.
Anyway, although we must acknowledge the amazing mileage done by Kurt Searvogel,there is no comparison. The weather is on his side and he is hardly doing any climbing at all compared to Steve Abraham and I presume to Tommy.
David Stevenson
+1 # Steven's record attemptGodfrey Barlow 2015-10-16 20:51
Steve is now 71 days into his new record attempt. I wish him the best of luck in his new quest. It is very early days to know whether he is up or down on a schedule as the record may change in 85 days time. Kurt Searvogel at present is over 600 miles behind Tommy on a like for like basis. At this time Tommy was only around 2,000 miles off the record he was challenging with 76 days to go. Unfortunately for Tommy he had an early winter (sleet and snow) to contend with plus the threat of call-up and restrictions as WW 2 had now commenced. Kurt could and should overtake Tommy's mileage for the rest of his year without these problems.
+1 # RE: Steven's record attemptIan Dow 2015-10-17 11:24
Yes, it would be nice to see some up-to-date information on the website. Has Steve made an official restart, mid-year? If so, I think that regardless of UMCA, just out of respect for Tommy Godwin we ought to find out what his greatest consecutive 365-day total was, out of his 500 days riding, as it makes quite a bit of difference. As mentioned in an earlier post, we know it was at least 76,600. Godfrey - you have the figures: can you help out?
+2 # Steven's record attemptGodfrey Barlow 2015-10-17 19:07
Ian, I think I answered this question earlier. To repeat, you can't change the figures or dates once you have notified the governing body when you are starting. You can't change the starting date after that. So to recalculate Tommy's figures is meaningless.
+2 # Steven's record attemptGodfrey Barlow 2015-10-18 20:54
Ian D, To clarify my answer further, could Usain Bolt claim a new world record for the 100 meters if someone was able to calculate his time taken for 100 meters between 50 and 150 meters during a 200 meters race?
+2 # RE: Steven's record attemptIan Dow 2015-10-18 23:02
Godfrey, thanks for your reply, but I think you are reading too much into my post! I am only trying to find out the facts of what Tommy actually did; I'm not debating whether or not it should have been claimed as a record.
For me it's more of a mark of respect for Tommy Godwin, as his ride was so much more than just the 75,065 in the first 365 days. The push to 100,000 requiring 76,600 in the last 365 days was something else again, and has never been acknowledged as far as I know. I think it's time we did that.
-2 # RE: Steven's record attemptI Hennessey 2015-10-17 19:19
Not sure what you mean. We haven't done any of those things.
+3 # My father "The Legend"Barbara Ford 2015-10-17 17:08
Thanks to Ian Dow for his comments on the UMCA rules, yes out of sheer respect for my father someone needs to clarify the "mystery" that this attempt on the Year Record has become. Is it a new record with a new title? Is it a 365 day record ? If it is an attempt on my fathers record then surely it has to be January 1st to December 31st or have UMCA changed the rules? Every holder of the Year Record from Marcel Planes in 1911 to my father in 1939 went from these two dates.
This is in no way a criticism of Stevens attempt hes doing great ! but I feel my fathers memory has to be protected.
+1 # RE: My father "The Legend"I Hennessey 2015-10-17 18:18
The UMCA's record is any 365 days. Steve is still finishing the calendar year attempt. Concurrently he started a new attempt on the 8th August. It is all mentioned in the intro text above these comments.
Many thanks for everyone's continued support.
+4 # TommyBarbara Ford 2015-10-16 13:37
We are in agreement with Mike Stoaling we also found the Youtube footage told us nothing at all about Steves intentions for his record attempt going forward. Not everyone uses Facebook, or Twitter and we haven't received the "Newsletter" for some time now.
We wish Steve well on his attempt.
Tommys daughter and family
+2 # RE: Steven's record attemptNigel Ellerton 2015-09-11 19:36
It would be nice to see if Steve is up or down on his new schedule.
+2 # RE: Steven's record attemptRoger 2015-10-07 12:55
Agreed - I am sponsoring Steve and would like to understand better what the current plan is / was and how is he doing relative to that. Also interested in how the bikes and equipment are holding out. PLEASE - I am part funding this and I feel deprived of any feel as to how things are progressing - other than daily mileages and the odd tweet.
-2 # RE: Steven's record attemptIan H 2015-10-14 16:09
You can find out a lot by viewing Steve's interviews on youtube. Links are on his Facebook page.
0 # Steven's record attemptMike Stoaling 2015-10-15 22:35
I'd be interested to see Steve's new target schedule. I couldn't find it on this site or on YouTube. Clearly Tommy did much higher mileages through August and it would be interesting to understand how Steve plans to compensate for that in the new attempt.
+4 # RE: Steven's record attemptnigel ellerton 2015-08-10 23:58
Why has the total not changed when the restart occurred confused.
+2 # RE: Steven's record attemptIan Hennessey 2015-08-11 20:07
He is now running two attempts. The original continues to the end of the year. We're working on displaying the mileage(s) in a suitable way, but updates may be a week or two as most of the team will be in France for that big event.
+6 # TommyBarbara Ford 2015-07-20 15:34
Hope you had a chance to see Tommys plaque yesterday when you were in the area. Wish we had have known you were in Market Drayton its only a few miles from where we live.
40 years today since the great man passed.
RIP Tommy
Barbara Tommys daughter
+4 # TommyGodfrey Barlolw 2015-07-22 21:09
Thank you Barbara, for reminding us all of the 40th anniversary of Tommy's passing. As well as his family it was a sad day for his many friends and club mates.
July was a very special month in Tommy's record ride. He recorded no fewer than 18 daily rides of over 280 miles (450km). On the 21st July 1939, H.H.England - the head scrutineer of checking and compiling the daily mileages, followed him all day and recorded 348 miles (560km) to dispel any doubters.
Hope all is going to plan for Steve's restart.
0 # DiscrepencyNigel Ellerton 2015-07-03 08:24
Can you explain why there is a difference between UMCA figures and the figures quoted on this site e.g UMCA 28668
this site 29474 ??
0 # Re; discrepancyDoug Laidlow 2015-07-04 07:59
At the end of 3rd July this site shows Steve with 29,877. UMCA show 29,071. That is short by 806 miles. I notice that the UMCA chart shows no mileage for day 181. Are there other errors/ommisions and should we accept that the figures shown on this site are the ones that are correct?
0 # RE: Re; discrepancyPhil 2015-07-04 09:28
The UCMA are the official record keepers for this. If you are referring to the spreadsheet, that is not the official record.

The website just automatically pulls the figures from the rides loaded on Strava,

Ultimately both figures should concur, but UCMA can lag behind the Strava figure in updating the official mileage.

+2 # Status of Steve's record attemptMike Stoaling 2015-06-23 11:48
Perhaps one of Steve's team could update us on Steve's record attempt. How many of the total miles were on the trike and do these count towards the record? I noticed that the UMCA HAMR rules specify any type of bike (which would have two wheels) except for faired recumbents. Tommy Godwin's record was solely on a bicycle, I believe. Regardless, it would be good to know what Steve's current plans are as regards this extraordinary record attempt.
-4 # RE: Steven's record attemptklaus 2015-06-21 21:02
I was just searching for some information if Steven is still on his trike or back on his normal bike, but there is really nothing which can easily be found. Crappy website indeed.
0 # Get a lifeCliff 2015-09-07 13:09
Crappy website are you for real?
Run by volunteers who are doing an amazing job of supporting Steve.
What have you done to assist or are you just content to criticise?
+1 # RE: Steven's record attemptRoger 2015-06-23 08:40
Perhaps not the best way to ask but he has a point. All we have or can deduce is that Steve is currently falling behind relative to Tommy's distances most days. It would be nice to hear what his plans now are - e.g. is he hoping to catch up (how ??) or is the intention to start another "year" any minute now
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptsteve oxbrow 2015-06-23 02:41
steve has been back on bike for some time
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptsteve oxbrow 2015-06-23 02:39
been back on bike for some time
+5 # MrPhil Hambley 2015-06-22 09:13
Erm... you could just ask for some info Klaus. If you've ever put together a website I'd like to see it. From personal experience, there is a hell of a lot of work in a site like this; be grateful it exists at all.
0 # RE: Mrklaus 2015-06-23 20:18
Hm, ya, ok, sorry .... I just could not find anything.
0 # RE: MrStefan 2015-06-22 23:38
Given his Strava is showing 200-miles/day on the road I presume he is on his bicycle not tricycle. And given he is 13hrs/day on bike - and his personality - social media is probably not his driving focus. It does make it difficult to support from a distance, but at the end of the day, it is a big task and he is obviously very focused. Twitter/FB would be an easier and more interactive way of communicating rather than in here (not to mention cheaper)
+1 # RE: Steven's record attemptNigel Ellerton 2015-06-21 00:39
Keep up your efforts Steve this the time of year when Tommy did his greatest distances so stay focused and let your stamina prevail.
+1 # RE: Steven's record attemptNigel Ellerton 2015-05-16 18:42
Barbara divide the kilometers by 1.6 it will give you the miles.
+2 # KM to Miles conversionDoug Laidlow 2015-05-19 12:08
Or if one is not confident with decimals, divide by 8 and multiply by 5.
+3 # TommyBarbara Ford 2015-05-14 14:13
Good to see you back on your bike Steve.
I thought you had been fitted with a bionic leg, until I realised your daily totals are in kilometers not miles !
(Please can we have the totals in miles)
Well done so far, keep peddling and keep safe
Regards Barbara (Tommys daughter)
+5 # RE: Steven's record attemptNigel Ellerton 2015-04-16 16:01
Well done Steve glad to see you back on track all speed fpr a fast recovery .Really admire your determination.
+3 # RE: Steven's record attemptBarbara Ford 2015-04-07 09:50
We agree with Peter Hales, Vancouver, in fact before Steves attempt on the World Mileage Endurance Record we were under the impression this would indeed be a "New Record". Tommy Godwin, and all of the men who held this record before him did their rides on a bicycle not a tricycle. The conditions under which these men all road can never be replicated.
Some comments on this site are suggesting that this record is a "done deal" and no great challenge, this is so disrespectful to ALL of the former holders of the record., but lets give Tommy Godwin the credit he deserves, he didnt think his attempt on Ossie Nicholsons record was "in the bag" until he passed Ossies miles, we feel we need to protect Tommys memory.
Speedy recovery Steve
Barbara and Colin Godwin (Tommys daughter and son)
+2 # RE: Steven's record attemptchristine ashworth 2015-04-20 18:02
I agree whole heartedly with Tommy's daughters' - Barbara
+1 # RE: Steven's record attemptPeter Hales 2015-04-06 23:22
Congratulations Steve, hope your recovery goes very well and you can soon be back on the road.
In retrospect I do feel that the attempt should be headed
"Steven's Ride to Establish a New Record"
Nothing at all against Steve, you are doing a fantastic ride but there can not be any comparison with now and 1939.
Hello Godfrey Barlow, nice to see your name after many years. All the best Steve, from Vancouver Island, Canada.
+1 # RE: Steven's record attemptGodfrey Barlow 2015-04-07 13:48
Best wishes to Steve and lets hope he can carry on. Sorry Peter when you say there can be no comparison with 1939. I'll go back even further. As recorded in my book in 1936 the one armed cyclist from Yorkshire, Walter Greaves was "off the saddle" for 13 days after a collision with a car. He continued and broke the previous record held by an Australian. Who knows what Steve can do. Also Hello Peter, you have stirred memories of the 1950's when cycling was a very social sport.
+2 # MrBarry Edwards 2015-04-05 14:14
Steves extreme fitnes will put him in good position for a very quick recovery; he will not lose much fitness in the relatively short time it will take him to recover - he will soon get back to his previous fitness level. The quicker he gets back on the bike the quicker he will recover. His pain threshold will be high so that won't stop him getting back on the bike sooner than the verage person would dream of - that includes the medics!
+4 # RE: Steven's record attemptMrs H 2015-04-01 08:47
Following other comments on here.......which I am sure Steve will be following now he's slacking with his feet up!! (Joking, Hon) If you do think of completely re-starting the challenge, maybe you could consider this comment from the great man himself, well via his daughter .......
Dad always said that with the benefit of hindsight he would have started his record attempt in May, thereby only suffering one winter for the Year Record.
0 # Re: Steven's record attemptAlex Mason 2015-03-31 22:57
So sorry to hear about the accident and your injury, Steve. Hope the op will be followed by full recovery. It would be marvellous if the year record attempt could be resumed but much more important will be to get that ankle back in proper working order. I too will be ready to sponsor you again if and when you want to have another crack at it. All the best!
0 # Steve's enforced restMike Stoaling 2015-03-31 12:57
Very, very sorry to hear of your accident, Steve. And you were going so well, too. Maybe you could fit an SPD cleat to that plaster cast... Seriously, though, I look forward to sponsoring your next attempt. I hope you make a full and speedy recovery. Mike
+1 # RE: Steven's record attemptsteve 2015-03-30 20:34
Terribly bad luck Steve. One small consolation for you maybe is that this happened 3months in and not 11 and 1/2 months in? Btw have you condidered getting an arm powered recumbant to get you through the next 6 weeks?!
+1 # RE: Steven's record attemptPhil Hambley 2015-03-30 10:37
Bad luck Steve. Wishing you a very speedy recovery. Awful shame that an unfortunate incident has put paid to months / years of prep, not to mention the epic distances tapped out already. You've sowed a seed of interest in breaking Tommy's record which has laid dormant all these years. No doubt you'll come back stronger for another attempt; I'm sure others will also be inspired by your efforts to have a crack at it as well (but I won't be one of them!)
+8 # RE: Steven's record attemptBarbara Ford 2015-03-30 08:39
We are so sorry to hear about Steves accident. We wish him all the very best for a speedy recovery.
You have done Tommy proud with your valiant effort.
this record needs to stay in Britain!
Get well and remember there is always another time.
Kindest regards.
Barbara and Colin (Tommys Son and daughter)
+4 # RE: Steven's record attemptIan Dow 2015-03-29 20:07
Very, very sorry to hear of today's bad luck, Steve, after an amazing three months of riding. You put us all in the shade. Wishing you all the best for a rapid recovery.

+1 # RE: Steven's record attemptMrs H 2015-03-29 19:29
Devastated to hear of today's bad news! Both Mr H and I are here if you need us.
+3 # "Typo"Barbara Ford 2015-03-26 18:14
My mistake ! My last post should read "January 23rd 1940"....Not January 23rd 1939.
The Met Office records for 1940 state that the winter of 1940 was one of the worst on record. There were 15ft snow drifts and an average of minus 10 degrees.
Dad always said that with the benefit of hindsight he would have started his record attempt in May, thereby only suffering one winter for the Year Record.
A little known fact is that he was going to go again for the the World record,......... to try and beat his own mileage, but WW2 put paid to that.

+2 # RE: "Typo"Andrew Clay 2015-03-27 23:18
About a year ago I remember discussing with a cycling mate what were the most incredible cycling records. Top for me were (a) Tommy's ride in 1939 and 1940 especially bearing in mind the weather, his bike, the blackouts with vehicles showing no lights at night time (which by the way led to a huge surge in road deaths in 1939/1940) and (b) Beryl's Burton's 277.25 mile "12" in 1967. About both records you could and can have a serious debate about whether anyone would ever break them, which is for me what makes them stand out from all the other records at other distances.

The measure of Steve's ride so far is that he does appear to have a real prospect of breaking Tommy's record. It such an incredible feat of indurence. Today (27 March) he has done his biggest mileage yet (I think) of nearly 244 miles. And now he has to get up tomorrow and do another couple of hundred. Remarkable man. Remarkable fortitude.

+4 # TommyBarbara Ford 2015-03-26 17:03
All this talk of just what Tommy achieved in 1940...... When working out his mileage from December 31st 1939 to May 1940 when he reached 100,000 miles, take a minute to look at the Met Office Weather Reports for January 1940.......on January 23rd 1939 it was MINUS 23 degrees, so bad was the weather that 8 miles of the River Thames froze ! but still this incredible man carried on. I dont believe that enough credit is being given to him during this latest attempt on his record. He was an amazing man, and we are all so proud of him.
Barbara (Tommys eldest daughter)
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptnigel.ellerton 2015-03-26 13:04
I must be missing something hear 76,600 plus 23400 equals 100,000 miles 500 minus 365 equals 135 .Tommy broke the year record then went on to add the 100,000 mile in 500 days what is the problem .Has it taken 70 years to come up with questions ????.
+2 # RE: Steven's record attemptBarbara Ford 2015-03-20 10:59
Tommys daily stats are available on
His highest daily mileage was 361 miles on June 21st 1939.
He told me that he challenged himself to do this in answer to his "doubters" I think we can safely say he silenced them.
Keep going Steve.
Barbara (Tommys daughter)
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptIan Dow 2015-03-25 11:41
Tommy's daily mileages for 1939 are available, yes, but does anyone have his daily mileages for 1940? To take up Graham's point below, with the 1940 figures we could work out Tommy's record for a 365-day period. We already know this to be at least 76,600, since he kept going to beat 100,000 miles in 500 days, but rode 'only' 23,400 miles in the first 135, and hence must have done 76,600 in the remaining 365. But we need the daily figures for 1940 to work out the maximum - can anybody provide them?
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptGodfrey Barlow 2015-03-25 21:14
Ian, yes I have Tommy's 1940 daily mileages. These were for completing the record attempt for the fastest 100,000 miles. When a rider starts to attempt the year record historically it has always been from January 1st to December 31st. UMCA have introduced a new rule that allows a rider to start on any date and then for the next 365 days.
So after a year or 365 days from the riders start date, these are the figures that count. Mileage after that date cannot be backdated to change the year record figures.
+1 # RE: Steven's record attemptKJ 2015-03-26 11:02
Then I think Steven should register a 2nd HAMR attempt starting, e.g. tomorrow. In case he continues to 100kmiles and Jan/Feb/Mar 2016 are better than 2015. Formally that might be permissible but then again I have not read the rules.
+1 # TommyBarbara Ford 2015-03-20 09:37
All this talk about who will at this very early stage, and who will hold the record for longest period, is "counting chickens before they are hatched" One thing I can guarantee is that in March 1939 Tommy wasn't assuming he has taken the record from Ossie Nicholson. He was far too modest ! Long way to go yet, no bad weather no accidents no illness.
Barbara (Tommys daughter)
+4 # RE: Steven's record attemptRob Talbot 2015-03-19 09:39
I'm following Steve and Kurt on Strava. Obviously I have the greatest respect for both athletes but come on... Kurt is practically riding downhill all day with the amount of gain he is achieving. Steve is nearly at 3 times the climbing Kurt is doing. Surely there must be some parameters in terms of minimum climbing set to take this record from Tommy? If the record was set in the UK then there must be an approximate set of stats on climbing that he achieved and therefore that must be the benchmark, otherwise you are not comparing achievements. What's to stop me getting on a treadmill with my bike, setting it to a slight downhill and doing that for a year? I could probably break Steve and Kurts achievement!!! I think Guiness world records or some authority need to intervene on this.
+3 # RE: Steven's record attemptKJ 2015-03-19 20:33
I think it is futile to

(a) try to invent new rules once a record attempt has started

(b) try to predict the outcome of an extremely long race after 20% of the distance.

Both riders are below the daily average they will have to have at the end of the year, both have a plan and both will have to follow that plan. Steve is doing an amazingly consistent performance and showed that he can ride come rain come shine. So relax, sit back and enjoy the performance of both!
+4 # RE: Steven's record attemptJames Benning 2015-03-20 21:03
Yes but talking about it is also enjoyable - hence the comments section.
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptKJ 2015-03-21 14:35
I know. Since this is the Internet, where would we be without gossip ;-)

And of course we all see in these two guys the expediters of the dreams we have but know we will never live. Because I personally would never be able to do 300km a day for, say, more than a couple of days. And that would mean 10yrs of training beforehand...
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptGraham 2015-03-18 12:44
Best of luck Steve. Tommy must have ridden 24935 miles in the first 135 days of 1940, to set the 500 day record of 100000 miles, which is 1535 miles more than first 135 days of 1939. Therefore he must have ridden 76600 miles in a 365 day period. Without mileages for 1940 I do not know the maximum he achieved in any 365 day period. Does anyone have the answer?
0 # Hear Hear!!Mrs H 2015-03-19 17:57
I absolutely 100% agree with Rob Talbot.......the two rides/record attempts are not like for like at all. Whether Steve 'wins' or not he will be the only one to truly have broken Tommy's record.
"Some say he is more machine than man.....I tend to agree".
+1 # Tommy Godwin 1940Godfrey Barlow 2015-03-19 11:40
In 1940 during a very severe winter he road over 200 miles a day 4 times in January, 10 times in February and 13 times in March. His highest recorded daily mileage was 246 in May. The North Staffordshire press reported that on 31st January "Tommy had skidded and fallen over 84 times, surely another world record". Tommy's diary stated "109 miles ridden. Bad day. Ice & snow. Roads in very bad condition, but raining heavily".
+1 # RE: Steven's record attemptnigel.ellerton 2015-03-18 19:35
Tommy daily mileages are available on his web site in addition HAMR provides daily updates with direct comparison to how far each rider is ahead or down on tommys schedule.
0 # well doneDavid Malcolm 2015-03-15 22:30
Great work so far I am keeping track I did b m b with you will keep an eye on your site
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptGodfrey Barlow 2015-03-15 21:23
Well done Steve, your consistency is very impressive. You appear to be riding to a well prepared plan. Good luck and best wishes for the year. Tommy went up a gear on Wednesday 15th March 1939. He did 203 miles using for the first time the revolutionary Sturmey-Archer 4 speed hub gear on his Ley bike.
0 # IncedibleKevin Stokes 2015-03-15 14:24
Been tracking steves progress since the start, it just blows me away how he is doing. Chapeau.
Graphics are great on the site, one little thing that may be great is as he hits each point, so he has done the equivalent of 16 LEJOG as os today, put a cross through each one he completes.
Keep it up guys.
Kevin Stokes - Team MK
0 # TommyBarbara Ford 2015-03-14 09:58
No matter who wins be it Steve or "Tarzan" it begs the question ....will they hold the record for 75 years as my dad has ? Steve Benning said that " who in their right mind would want to challenge this record?" well I can name two, Steve Abraham and "Tarzan" At the risk of repeating myself all this was done 75 years ago, of course the record will be beaten its like comparing Lewis Hamilton and Stirling Moss, with Tommys achievement and this challenge.
Long way to go yet.
Best of luck Steve
Barbara (Tommys very proud daughter)
+3 # RE: TommyJames Benning 2015-03-19 21:23
The point I was making was if Tarzan's mileage sets the new world record and Steve sets the new British record then should someone feel inclined to try and set a new record then they are likely to go for the world record not the British record. Why? For two reasons: one it is "easier" assuming you live and will ride in the US and secondly it has more Kudos. I say "right mind" as attempting this challenge entails giving up a year of your life and is likely to cause irreversible detriment to your health. So if Steve sets a new British record it will probably last forever.
+3 # RE: TommyCycleLogicAl 2015-03-14 14:05
Yes Tommy obviously gave it his absolue all, no half heartedness there - and we are only just starting to realise more clearly just how a big a task he has set Steve and Kurt. It is a gripping challenge - your Dad was an amazing man indeed, Barbara!
+3 # Steven's record attemptMike Stoaling 2015-03-10 15:43
Great start by Steve. It's interesting to compare metres (or feet) climbed against those by Kurt Searvogel. So far Steve seems to be climbing just under three times as much as Kurt, despite the slightly lower distance covered. It'll be interesting to see how this develops once they get into the massive mileage targets for July and onwards. Keep going and stay safe, both.
+3 # tarzan ridesBruno 2015-03-12 20:30
Both are going really well, with big miles to come. What do you think will be the effect though, on Steve, later in the year, if the mileage difference, between Kurt and Steve remains. It's got to make it all a big anti-climax if you see Kurt ahead in mid December. Where would you call it, 'all over', if the other guy's so far ahead, or would you go for the record, to hold it for a few days ?`
+6 # RE: tarzan ridesJames Benning 2015-03-13 20:17
Steve would hold the British record as a consolation - probably forever as who in their right mind would want to beat it! If anybody wants to beat the world record (looking like this will be Tarzan's although a long way to go) they would probably want to be in the US to stand a realistic chance of doing so.
+4 # Steve's record attemptMike Stoaling 2015-03-12 23:42
I'd expect Steve to continue riding unless he's unable to. But there's a long way to go and thus far it looks like Kurt has been riding in much less demanding conditions. I know January and February were tough in the UK, so it's far too early to predict the outcome of this fascinating adventure.
-1 # RE: Steven's record attemptGodfrey Barlow 2015-03-09 23:45
Well ridden Steve. Your consistency is impressive. On 9th March 1939 Tommy riding his 3-speed Ley bike did 213 miles.
+9 # MrJames Benning 2015-03-08 22:12
Tarzan is way ahead now on mileage compared to Steve but then Tarzan has climate and US open roads on his side. Most US roads have a nice traffic-free shoulder to ride on too - that also facilitates mile munching. Steve may end up with fewer miles but his challenge is far harder.
-3 # Vegetarian C & ACJohn Bateman 2015-03-06 18:55
So full of admiration. I can't really get my head round this. I will be following progress avidly. (John Bateman, North Lincolnshire).
-3 # RE: Steven's record attemptKJ 2015-03-05 20:06
Well done. 2 days to complete half around the world.
-2 # RE: Steven's record attemptKJ 2015-03-08 21:58
As of today: half around the world. 5x this for the record. Go! Or rather: just don't stop.
+6 # TommyBarbara Ford 2015-03-03 11:36
As Godfrey Barlow commented Tommy did indeed "suffer" during his epic ride. After one of his many falls he fractured his collar bone, he rode for 6 weeks with his arm strapped with an inner tube ! On another occasion he had to have 6 teeth extracted, he just got back on his bike and carried on. Legend has it that in one day alone he fell off his bike 80 times !! After he finished his second record he was treated at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, within 2 months he was enlisted into the RAF and went off to war. But to the day he died he walked with his feet turned out and his hands were "curled" a permanent reminder of cycling 205 miles a day for a year Best of luck Steve keep peddling. Barbara (Tommys eldest daughter)
Good luck Steve.
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptNigel Ellerton 2015-03-02 11:44
Tommy was a professional Surely Steve receiving sponsorship is semi professional.
-1 # RE: Steven's record attemptDAVID STONE 2015-03-01 16:31
Thinking about Steve's attempt, Tommy Godwin's record for 75 years, I think Steve's will be the same, a long time before his record will be broken.

I also don't think any professional could attempt this record, no winter lay off, can be sick, cant take risks, cant even thinks saddle pain let alone a sore

There's just no room for error,
+5 # RE: Steven's record attemptGodfrey Barlow 2015-03-01 21:24
David, Steve in doing a magnificent job in attacking Tommy Godwin's record. But with 305 days to go, it is a bit premature to be talking about his (Steve's) record.
I wish Steve all the best of good luck for the rest of the year. To highlight some of the pitfalls Tommy had to suffer, the book UNSURPASSED is worth reading.
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptImogen 2015-02-28 14:35
Wow. Chapeau Monsieur, chapeau! We will be willing you on all the way, love from the Smart family in Berkshire xx
+5 # RE: Steven's record attemptKJ 2015-02-27 08:53
Is Steven doing something to prevent his non-cycling muscles from degenerating?
+4 # RE: Steven's record attemptIdai Makaya 2015-02-27 09:52
Steve is not doing anything about 'maintaining' his non-cycling muscles during the record attempt. He is too tired to train in addition to his rides - 200 miles is a very long way to ride on a daily basis. This is a sacrifice he's making and he's aware of the disadvantages involved in taking on a record attempt of this nature, but he prepared for it and we expect him to make it through, as did Tommy Godwin. Steve has had a very good gym, crosstraining and pilates program in the year building up to this record attempt, so that should stand him in good stead. He also has a detailed plan for his 'rehabilitation' after the record. Thanks for asking.
+1 # RE: Steven's record attemptJonathon Dixon 2015-02-23 12:34
Keep going Steve. Inspiring so many cyclists.
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptPaul Fulbrook 2015-02-21 08:34
Any chance that we could be given the shared SPOT number please? It should look like glld=0S1OKj0yxn etc. I can then load it on my phone app and see if I am near your track so that I can find a layby & give you a cheer...
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptIan H 2015-02-21 20:33
Can't do that, I'm afraid. But you can see where Steve is via the tracker on your phone.
+2 # RE: Steven's record attemptTim 2015-02-18 07:58
Keep on going Steve! I like to check in on your progress every now and then just to keep my meagre tracks on target. I really respect your determination to make this happen. All power to your pedals.
+9 # RE: Steven's record attemptGodfrey Barlow 2015-02-12 11:57
During research into my book UNSURPASSED, the story of Tommy Godwin..... I felt that I 'lived' every day of Tommy's 500 day ride.
Steve, I am now getting that same feeling every day in your challenge. I wish you the best of luck, every day and stay safe.
+2 # RE: Steven's record attemptKip Marks 2015-02-11 07:06
170-200 miles a day in February? Unbelievable! Go, Steve!
Best wishes from NZ!
+3 # RE: Steven's record attemptNigel Ellerton 2015-02-10 19:13
Please refer back to mile instead of km on daily updates.
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptIan Hennessey 2015-02-10 19:17
If you mean the Strava feed on the left, we can only show what Strava provides.
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptDoug Laidlow 2015-02-12 14:30
It was miles up until yesterday so wondered why the change.
The record to beat is still in miles.So km's makes no sense.
+4 # Steve's BrotherPeter Abraham 2015-02-08 22:29
Many thanks to Tommy's family - Barbara and Colin for your support and interest.Very kind of you.As you will already know Steve is Tommy's biggest fan and by attempting this a huge honour and a way of paying a tribute for his hero...!!! Best Wishes from Steve's Family...!!!
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptIan Summers 2015-02-08 20:44
Wow, inspirational, Bon Courage. I didn't go for a ride today because it was a bit dark and icey!?
+5 # MileageBarbara Ford 2015-02-02 14:48
Can we please have miles as well as kms................. just for us "oldies"
+12 # TommyBarbara Ford 2015-02-01 09:02
Well done Steve your first month is complete, keep going !
Tommy would have been so proud of you.
Barbara and Colin (Godwin)
+8 # MrPhil Hambley 2015-01-31 17:05
As I sit here typing, watching the snow falling thickly outside, I realise that men like Tommy Godwin & those now following in his footsteps are a breed apart. Dig deep Steve; summer follows winter as sure as night follows day. Stay strong, stay warm!! Best wishes, Phil.
+2 # RE: Steven's record attemptTim 2015-01-31 12:01
Hi Steve, found out about your attempt via a friend. We were discussing Tommy Goodwin's record a few months ago and came to the conclusion it would never be wrong we were! Incredible undertaking, especially in the current weather, keep it up, Best Wishes
0 # MrMike W 2015-01-30 20:02
Read Tommy Godwin's book at Christmas. What he did was amazing. Your achievement so far is fantastic. I only managed 1,300 miles in Jan! Well done. Chapeau
+1 # RE: Steven's record attemptoneforarchie 2015-01-30 07:10
and there was me sitting back waiting for film,The Legend
Of Tommy Godwin. when someone pops up and has go
at breaking the record.
The best of luck with your attempt.
+4 # ComparisonsBarbara Ford 2015-01-28 09:32
Mr Barlows comment re "comparison" It would be strange if Steven wasnt ahead, Tommys record was 75 years ago. Read your own book Mr Barlow Bernard Bennett was ahead until April.
As from day one we are behind you Steven......Keep peddling !
Tommys family
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptAlan Banks 2015-01-28 07:18
Fantastic effort Steve - just read your write up in the CTC magazine. Crack on - the days are getting longer and (!!) warmer. See you around the Bucks area when you are back.
-1 # RE: Steven's record attemptGodfrey Barlow 2015-01-27 23:48
Congratulations Steve, you have exceeded Tommy's mileage for January with 4 days to spare! Tommy's mileage for February is even lower at 4,424.
Just for the record Tommy was not riding a Raleigh bike until May in 1939 and he was using only a 3 speed hub gear until the end of March.
0 # Tommy GodwinNigel Ellerton 2015-01-26 19:27
Please remember Tommy was a top time trialist of the day finishing in the top ten of the BBAR additionally he won the Anfield 100 among other events.

All the best to Steve great effort so far.
+8 # RE: Steven's record attemptLynne Biddulph nee Taylor 2015-01-25 22:50
We are checking your progress every night Steve, You are doing AWESOME... We know you can do it and you certainly have the right attitude.... Good Luck and stay safe. All the best from Lynne Taylor ( Biddulph) and Stevie Biddulph....... Go Go Go.......
+8 # TommyBarbara Ford 2015-01-24 10:48
Well done so far Steve ! Massive respect for Tommy, he did all this 75 years ago (
Tommys extremely proud family
+2 # RE: Steven's record attemptPaul Webster 2015-01-23 15:26
To even attempt Tommy Goodwins record is amazing. Can't imagine what it was like for him on a steel bike with 4 gears. Will be following you to the end. Respect.
+1 # RE: Steven's record attemptSimon Congreve 2015-01-22 21:09
Does Steve want company for some mileage as he is local to me or will it just be a distraction.
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptBen Grange 2015-01-23 18:57
The various responses I have seen have said Steve will appreciate the company!
+7 # TommyBarbara Ford 2015-01-15 08:23
14/1/1939 Tommy covered 104 miles.
Met Office Weather 1939-1940 average conditions for the day were
Minus 2 degs gale force winds hail rain and thunder.
Minus 6 overnight with sharp frost.
You're doing well Steven !!
Tommys family
0 # Comments listniki heyting 2015-01-14 13:38
Is it possible to reverse the comments list so the most recent comments show first?
0 # RE: Comments listIan Hennessey 2015-01-14 15:36
There you go.
+3 # TommyBarbara Ford 2015-01-14 09:48
13/1/1939 Tommys days miles were 173
Average weather (Met Office 1939-1940) 1 degree
Strong to gale force winds rain and sleet early afternoon.
Well done Steve !!
Tommys family
+1 # TommyBarbara Ford 2015-01-13 12:30
12/1/1939 Tommy covered 161 miles
Met Office average weather report for that day was 2degs, fog early am, wintry showers frost overnight.
Well done Steve !!!
Tommys family
+1 # MrClive Rogers 2015-01-12 22:20
Best of Luck with your challenge.
+1 # MrPeter Poppy 2015-01-12 16:41
we have the time elapsed on the home page but cant see anywhere where it shows the total mileage covered to date
0 # RE: MrFidgetbuzz 2015-01-12 23:06
now -- not - not !!
0 # RE: MrFidgetbuzz 2015-01-12 23:05
team has not got a total mileage counter up.
+1 # RE: Steven's record attemptJohnny C 2015-01-12 13:56
Read the Tommy Godwin book and it's amazing that Steve is going for this impressive record. Is he allowed company on his rides or does he have to be entirely solo?
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptIan Hennessey 2015-01-12 15:28
His is allowed company and to be paced. But we don't want him distracted from his task.
+1 # TommyBarbara Ford 2015-01-12 12:29
January 11th 1939, Tommy covered 187 miles, average temperature for England/Wales 2 degrees sharp frost, fog late afternoon (Met Office for 1939-1940) . See for stats
+2 # MrPhil Hambley 2015-01-12 12:12
Hi Steve. I'm the owner and designer of the website. Wishing you the very best of luck in your ride. Seeing your progress makes me realise that Tommy's mileage was actually possible!!
0 # Kurt SearvogelAlistair McLean 2015-01-12 10:34
It looks like Searvogel has gone off at one hell of a pace in far, far better conditions but even he'll have to sleep at some stage. Two amazing cyclists on the road, it's captivating stuff.
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptBarbara Ford 2015-01-12 09:03
I agree with Jamie, show Tommys daily miles too........and show the weather for 1939 (available on line )
Good luck Steve keep going !
Tommys family
0 # Tommy's MilesPhil Whitehurst 2015-01-14 22:29
Tommy's total miles showing above Steve's. Thanks for your support Barbara

+1 # RE: Steven's record attemptJamie 2015-01-11 14:16
I too will be following daily and sending my best wishes all the way. Herculean undertaking.
Website could do with a progress chart of sorts plotting Steve's daily miles alongside Tommy's curve??
+2 # Steve who? ;)Rich 2015-01-10 19:33
Hi Steve, I've never heard of you before but now you are on my daily 'must check' list. All the very best in your mammoth endeavour. Following you all the way :)
+2 # MileageAli McLean 2015-01-08 20:20
Thanks Ian, I rather enjoy checking in a 7am to see Steve's already got 50+ miles under his belt. And Barbara, we all think it's great that Tommy's family are so supportive of Steven's efforts:-)
+1 # Daily MileageBarbara Ford 2015-01-08 14:02
Try Dave Barters website he publishes Steves daily mileage alongside Tommy Godwins daily mileage for comparison.
Regards Barbara (Tommy Godwins daughter)
0 # MileageAli McLean 2015-01-08 11:11

Any reason I can no longer see the current daily mileage total on the tracker any more?


0 # RE: MileageIan Hennessey 2015-01-08 13:07
Hi, The tracker mileage was inaccurate because of the low sampling rate - increasingly under-reading. Use the Strava button. This is the official measurement.


0 # RE: MileageAli McLean 2015-01-08 14:09
So no real time data until Steve uploads at the end of another long day? Or am I being thick:-)

Whatever, I'm away out to do a quick sympathy for Steve 30 miles:-)
0 # RE: MileageIan Hennessey 2015-01-08 19:56
The tech guys have now managed to get daily approximate mileages on the live tracking.
+1 # olympic gold medallists dadandy rutherford 2015-01-04 21:42
I hope that this record attempt gets the media attention it deserves. It is monumental and if completed puts other feats of human endurance in the shade. It certainly deserves recognition.
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptStefan 2015-01-03 19:51
Found it - doesn't look anywhere as organised, indeed I can't even figure out if he has actually started it.
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptStefan 2015-01-03 19:35
Best of luck Steve. I just watched the BBC article about you - who is the other guy (German?) who is attempting it this year? I can't find anything online about him
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptIan Hennessey 2015-01-03 19:42
If you mean Mr Seervogel, he's American and starting on the 10th (I believe). You can follow him via the tracker (top of the page
0 # looking forward.niki heyting 2015-01-03 17:47
Hi Steve, looking forward to meeting you (briefly, as you'll be in, showered, fed, watered and asleep within the hour apparently) when you stay with Andy and me this Spring.
0 # Great StartAli McLean 2015-01-02 10:09
Awesome first day fella!
0 # Year Record attemptAlex Mason 2015-01-01 23:11
All the very best for this amazing venture - You're clearly seriously obsessed, but in a good way ;-))
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptSarah Kathryn 2015-01-01 21:23
Just read the article about Steve's journey on I will be keeping an eye on his progress. Good luck Steve from Ohio, USA.
0 # # RE: Steven's record attemptBinstedman 2015-01-01 15:42
Best of luck Steve, this must be the ultimate in world records.
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptsteve Crew 2015-01-01 15:13
What a fantastic thing to undertake, Best of Luck from another Stephen ( ME ) I managed to get out today and do a few miles...not as many as you LOL.... will be keeping an eye on you Mate. Good Luck.
0 # Good Luck SteveAli McLean 2015-01-01 15:06
An unbelievable endeavour, may you be blessed with the very best of luck and a following wind.
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptracing bikes biggs682 2015-01-01 13:01
good luck on this epic journey
0 # M. le MaireMr Larrington 2015-01-01 07:44
Fair skies and tail winds, amigo!
0 # Big BrotherPete Abraham 2015-01-01 00:44
Just wanna wish my brother all the best,hope you ride well and the weather is kind to you..!!!! I hope you make your dream come true......!!! Have a good Year.....!!!!
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptRabbit 2014-12-31 21:26
Best of luck Steve. If anyone in the UK can crack the record, it's you. You are always a true inspiration!
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptBarbara Ford 2014-12-31 16:05
Best of luck !
Barbara Ford and Colin Godwin
Tommys daughter and son
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptBarbara Ford 2014-12-31 16:03
Tommy would be the first one to shake your hand, if you succeed
But we wish you the very best of luck Barbara Ford and Colin Godwin .......Tommys son and daughter.
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptRoderick Hollands 2014-12-30 21:14
Very, very best of luck mate. I have done some extreme walking challenges so know what motivates one to do these fantastic adventures. I will be following your progress as often as I can.
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptNeil Richardson 2014-12-28 16:19
It is also the best motivational tool to get out and ride everyday knowing Steve will be slugging away. Is there any chance you could do an article on the bike,kit and setup Steve will be using?
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptIan Hennessey 2014-12-28 16:34
Everyone is flat out helping Steve at the moment, but you can get an idea from the list of sponsors, who are supplying Steve's equipment. Cheers, Ian (webmaster).
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptpeter price 2014-12-24 13:37
am getting really interested as the big first day approaches, can only wish steve the very best of luck in a very difficult undertaking.
+1 # RE: Steven's record attemptIan Hennessey 2014-12-22 21:35
The response so far from people everywhere has been amazing. Steve really is going to be able to concentrate on the riding. Remember Tommy had a pro team behind him. Many thanks to everyone.
+5 # RE: Steven's record attemptRanulph Fiennes 2014-12-22 13:02
Good luck with your venture
0 # RE: Steven's record attemptSimon Congreve 2015-01-22 21:11
Now there's kudos indeed.
+1 # RE: Steven's record attemptBrian MacLeod 2014-12-10 21:18
Best of luck. This is a heroic endeavour.

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