Paris-Brest-Paris, a 1200km (750 mile) long distance endurance cycling event, is the oldest and one of the best-known in the World. The event takes place every 4 years, and has run for over 100 years, a bit like the Olympics, but for long distance cyclists. Unlike the Olympics it is all about endurance, completing the distance, and not who comes first. At Vedettes' pace you need to complete the event within 80 hours. Steven intends to maintain a Vedettes' pace across the whole of 2015, which would enable him to cycle an incredible 109.5 times Paris-Brest-Paris.  That comes to 131,400km or 82,125 miles.  We hope that further gives you sense of the scale of this attempt.

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Infographics and maths by Phil Whitehurst - [John O'Groats] [Race Across America] [Paris-Brest-Paris]