Steve on the bike, on Youtube.
Steve set off at a minute past midnight on the 4th of March 2017.  This was the start of his third attempt on the HAM'R record for distance cycled in a year.  He organisied this attempt rather differently, as detailed on his Facebook page, and invited others to ride with him.
Steve commenced an attempt on the month record for distance cycled on 2 September 2016.  At the completion of 30 days he had ridden a total of  7104.3 miles and set a new world record.  Steve has said he expects Amanda Coker to make an attempt and possibly break his record in the near future.
With great sadness, Steve Abraham has made the decision to end his second attempt on the Highest Annual Mileage World Record.

Steve's aim has always been to break the record (he didn’t want to come second, or third). After careful consideration of his current performance - and after lengthy discussions with the support team - Steve decided on Thursday 21 January 2016 that he will officially withdraw from his ongoing attempt on the Highest Annual Mileage Record.

As you can imagine, the decision to end this attempt has not been an easy one. Steve would like to thank you all for your incredible support. For now he will undertake a well earned period of rest and recovery, before deciding on any plans for the future.

Please make sure you sign up to the One Year Time Trial Newsletter if you'd like to continue to receive news updates from Steve in relation to his future direction and please could all Steve's donors and sponsors discontinue their standing order payments with immediate effect. The videos, here, give more detailed insight into Steve's world record attempt and the circumstances leading to his decision to withdraw from pursuing this goal.
Kurt Searvogel has broken the 75,065 mile barrier with some days to go.  Steve congratulated him via Facebook.  Meanwhile you can listen to Jack Thurston interviewing Idai about Steve's current attempt with seven months to go.
On-line magazine, Mamil Sports features Steve as their 'Mamil of the Month' for December, but don't worry – he's well wrapped-up against the winter weather.

The picture shows Steve purposefully on the tri-bars and there's a good article about the record attempts.

See the pic and read the article here.
14 July 2015

Below is an update message written by Steve Abraham for all his supporters and also for all the people following his world record attempt.

Steve is now aiming to commence a second (concurrent) record attempt, as he continues to chase down Tommy Godwin's one year mileage total this year. This will mean Steve will be running two record attempts - at the same time (a provision allowed in the UMCA rules for the Highest Annual Mileage Record).

Steve was forced into this situation by a road traffic accident earlier this year which had resulted in a broken leg, which interrupted his progress for a number of weeks and lost him thousands of miles off his schedule.

Here is the message from Steve, which he would like to share with his supporters and followers: -

Can I still do it?

I'm not going as well as I hoped yet. I want to be doing 250 miles per day now. However, I have had days where I have averaged 18mph, so I know that I can go faster than I do on a lot of my rides (where I seem to average 16mph). Last week I decided to not use an alarm clock and just get up when I wake up naturally, so that I get as much sleep as I need. It has done some good, but the speed still isn't there, so now I am trying to ride gently to get some recovery into my legs.

We will know within a week whether it is working. I think it will take a good few days because I expect that I need a lot of recovery and that isn't easy when trying to ride over 200 miles per day. Currently, riding over 200 miles feels a lot harder than it ought to be. With a bit of recovery, it should get easier and I should get faster. Once I get faster, I will use that to gain more rest time before I bump up the miles so that I am as well recovered as I can be - which should make me faster.

I understand that people are doubting whether I can still do it.
I honestly can't say that I definitely will.

But looking at the numbers and going from my past experience riding Audax - when I got the Audax points record in 2007, I did half of my total in the first 7 months - and the other half in the last 5. I never suffered any huge losses that year. So if we take my total mileage at the end of July, then add on at least 6000 miles which I must have lost from the broken ankle (probably more) that may give an idea of what I should be aiming at.

This does mean that my biggest mileages will be in the autumn (just as it was when I was riding 1000km a week while working full-time in 2007 all through September and October). Doing the big miles in Autumn may not be ideal, but I have done it before. November and December are never as bad as January and February either. Because I have always worked in places that shut down for Christmas, it's not that unusual for December's to be in the top 3 months of my monthly mileage for that year.
Currently I get very sleepy at the end of each day. I think that is down to physical tiredness and not mental tiredness. I think that if I can get my legs recovered and get a bit faster, I should also be able to manage with less sleep. When muscles are damaged from exercise, sleep-inducing hormones are released and I think that is what is making me sleepy at the end of each day. Once I am up to speed my legs should be strong enough to do a day without being damaged and I wouldn't have the sleep-inducing hormones making me so sleepy.

The situation with my ankle is that it still hurts a little bit, sometimes. The physio told me on 25th June that at best it will take 3 months for it to be at full strength, but with the way my recovery has been going it would probably be more like 6-8 weeks.

A restart in August makes sense to me for several reasons.
1. My ankle should almost be up to full strength by then.
2. I can use the latter part of the current attempt, where I should be doing my best mileages. I can crash and burn in December, recover in Jan-Feb when the weather is at its worst. I shouldn't lose much strength in Jan-Feb, so will probably go better than I did this year and should get up to speed faster too.
3. Then I build myself up again and go flat out in summer next year.

Starting later is more of a financial strain but I think that we are probably financially secure for a restart in August. I'd also like to finish this at some point - and I don't see the need to drag it out for more than 20 months. I expect most of you feel the same way too!

Got to go, time is miles.
These Two Cyclists Will Ride 150,000 Miles This Year

"Kurt Searvogel and Steven Abraham are locked in a long-term battle of endurance to break the record for the most miles ridden in year."

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Steve started in the small hours of January 1st. Some photos here.

The 'official' start was at the New Year's 10 run by Steve's club, North Bucks RC.

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CTC's online 'taster' magazine. Turn to the first inside pages.

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An article by the Jersey Pocket Going the distance

Imagine, if you will, a grey morning in January. Sullen pigeons are sheltering from the drizzle under bare trees. The leaf blown roads are gritty, wet and empty of cyclists. It’s not a day to inspire joy, so you stay under the duvet with a mug of tea and the paper. That isn’t an option for Steve Abraham. He’s a man on a misson and that mission is to break one of the most extraordinary sporting records of all time, the legendary one year cycling record of Tommy Godwin... Read more of Chapeau's latest article on Steve.

Steve features in this week's Cycling Weekly - affectionately known as 'The Comic' to generations of cyclists. Well done to journalist, Nick Bull, who interviewed Steve at 9pm so as to avoid interrupting his cycling day. The article about Steve is complemented by another about Billie Fleming (then known as Billie Dovey), who still holds the women's year record.

Judith Swallow has known Steven, for as long as she has been riding. After the 10 mile TT on New Years Day she spent some time riding with Steve on the first day of his challenge. Below is her blog of the couple of hours spent riding with Steven, during his challenge.

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Steve is using a Brooks leather saddle (made in England) on his bike. It's one of the best kept secrets of how long distance cyclists remain comfortable in the saddle all day (and night) long. Jack visited Steve to talk about his challenge.

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Feeling inspired? Ride an audax to get an idea of long distance cycling.

Cotswold Audax

Shortly after midnight on Jan 1st 2015, Steve set off on his challenge.

It was low key affair with just a handful of his team and supporters around. But it is how us long distance riders like it, understated, no fuss. But I'm sure it won't be like that at the end of the year!

Watch out for an interview with Steve on Channel 4 News at 7:30pm on Wed 31st December 2014.

Video at the link Channel 4 News Video

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Recovering Steve and his bike should the unfortunate happen on his ride.

5 interviews today

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  • A Skype with someone in California from the #UMCA
  • A radio station from Wales.

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