Month Distance   Total dist
March 6160 (220mpd)  6160
April 6750 (225mpd)  12910
May 7130 (230mpd)  20040
June 7050 (235mpd)  27090
July 7440 (240mpd)  34530
August 7440 (240mpd)  41970
September 7200 (240mpd)  49170
October 7440 (240mpd)  56610
November 7050 (235mpd)  63660
December 7130 (230mpd)  70790
January 2018 6975 (225mpd)  77765
February 6160 (220mpd)  83925
March 660 (220mpd)  84585
      Total 84585


Although the 2015 and subsequent 2016 attempts were unsuccessful; or at least unsuccessful as far as scoring the 4th highest annual mileage in history in spite of sustaining a broken ankle during the attempt goes; they weren't a total loss. They served as a learning opportunity for another attempt.

After pulling out of what seemed obvious to be a doomed attempt in January 2016, Steve had to take time out and decide for sure if he wanted to have another go at the year record. This isn't something that can be done lightly on a whim and needs serious consideration. To take on the year record you have no time in your life for anything at all, other than cycling. Not to mention the amount of preparation beforehand.

After a few months of soul searching, Steve eventually concluded that he wasn't willing to let this one go. Steve appointed Emily Cox as his cycling coach, bought a power meter and started training for another attempt at HAMR.

It's a pretty straightforward schedule which was based on his previous year record attempts and month record. Steve intends to ride for roughly 14-15 hours a day on average. He will be aiming to become a little bit faster during the first 4-5 months in order to keep on top of the increases of 5mpd each month until July.

Thereafter, it'll be a matter of hanging on to 240mpd for as long as possible. The weather is generally pretty favourable until November, so the daily average mileages have been set to taper down from November onwards.

We're not expecting everything to go exactly to schedule because of weather and any problems that may come up. Though it should give a rough idea of how things are going.