While I was on my year record attempt in 2015, I was getting a lot of people telling me that I'd inspired them to do rides and their own personal challenges.

I'd always hoped that I would but never had time to be very active with encouraging others.

While Kajsa Tylen was getting her Guinness World Record for most miles cycled in a year by a woman in 2016, she set up her "Sweat Pledges" where she encouraged people to set up their own personal challenges and make a pledge to her to achieve their goal. I even did a couple myself

Kajsa now has her Sweat Pledge website. So if I inspire you to take on a challenge go and make a Sweat Pledge.

It doesn't have to be cycling. One of my Sweat Pledges to Kajsa involved an Elliptigo cycle, which kind of is cycling, but it isn't. Or is it? Anything goes.

It doesn't have to be anything extreme like Race Across America, Transcontinental or Marathon des Sables, but it could be...

Anything that challenges you and makes your life better. Even losing a bit of weight or taking up a daily commute by foot or bicycle. Better to set several achievable goals than one impossible one.

If you want to do "something" but aren't sure what, then this is your lucky day! I have some ideas and routes just for you!

Metric Century-Ride 100km in a day.

Half Godwin-Ride 102.5 miles in a day. Half the daily average distance of Tommy Godwin, the Year Record holder of 1939, who inspired me to take on the whole year record thing.

200km Audax-Ride—a 200km Audax event within AUK rules and time limits.

300km Audax-Ride—a 300km Audax event within AUK rules and time limits.

The Tommy Godwin—Ride 205 miles in a day. The average daily distance of Tommy Godwin's 1939 annual mileage record.

Ride one of my day routes—I have a few outlines of what routes I may be taking during the year. These are really to help people find me with the live tracker but I think it would be good for people to go and ride the same routes as I'll be riding to get an idea of what I will do every day. The shortest at 300km goes from Milton Keynes to Malmesbury in the Cotswolds and back. The longest goes from Milton Keynes to Darlington, one way. I suggest you ride a distance of 230 miles as a challenge, but my routes are free for all to use for whatever purpose and if they help you with a ride I'll be glad about that.

400km Audax-Ride—a 400km Audax event as per 2 and 300km...

600km Audax-Ride—I think you can guess, but if you're going for a 600, then I suggest that you go for the next challenge of...

24hr Time-Trial—Ride as far as you can in 24 hours.

Audax UK Super Randonneur series—Audax UK was originally set up so that British riders could qualify for Paris Brest Paris in France. To qualify, you had to ride a SR series. That is a 200, 300, 400 and 600km Audax ride within AUK time limits and rules. I have ridden at least one of these every year since I joined Audax UK in 1992.

1000 miles in 7 consecutive days—The Mixed tandem British 12hr record holders, Ian and Bridget Boon, looked after me during Paris Brest Paris in 2015 while on my year record attempt. We got chatting about riding and we all agreed how few people have cycled 1000 miles in a week. So this challenge is to cycle 1000 miles in 7 consecutive days or less. One way of doing this could be to ride an Audax SR series (1500km) in a week and squeeze in a 100km ride. This could work well with my SR series and 100km ride from Milton Keynes, where you could base yourself for a week.

Those are just some ideas and I have links to rides for all of those on my Rides page.

Audax UK run events all around the country all year round as well.

Or there are sportives and time trials with CTT etc.

There are lots of events to ride, places to see, marathons to run, mountains to climb, adventures to be had and other things to achieve. Extra points for novelty and comedy. I also like riding unusual bikes myself and have ridden elliptigos, tandem trikes, recumbent trikes, a triplet, a Moulton, semi recumbent tandem and fixed wheel of course. Get out there and fill yer boots!